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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Space-based Solar Power

World power demands will only increase as economies in lesser developed countries gain traction. China and India alone will increase world power demands significantly.

China, the US, and space solar power

by Taylor Dinerman
Monday, October 22, 2007

Now that the National Security Space Office’s (NSSO) space solar power study has been released and shows that the technology is well within America’s grasp, a set of decisions have to be made concerning how the US government should proceed. The idea that the government should fund a series of demonstration projects, as the study recommends, is a good place to start. Another aspect should be to study the impact that this technology will have on the political and economic future of the world.

The biggest factor in world affairs in the next twenty or so years is the rise of China to true great power status. Leaving aside the political vulnerabilities inherent in any communist regime, the greatest danger to China’s future prosperity is its huge need for energy, especially electricity. According to...(complete article here).

Space is the only source of reliable solar power. Availability of land-based solar is dependent on cloudless days. That isn't an issue in space.

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