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Friday, October 12, 2007

Space-based Solar Power

Space-based solar power is an idea that science fiction writers have used for years. It makes sense.

Power from space? Pentagon likes the idea
Frontline soldiers could use energy beamed from orbit, study says

By Alan Boyle
Science editor

A new Pentagon study lays out the roadmap for a multibillion-dollar push to the final frontier of energy: a satellite system that collects gigawatts’ worth of solar power and beams it down to Earth.

The military itself could become the “anchor tenant” for such a power source, due to the current high cost of fueling combat operations abroad, the study says.

The 75-page report, released Wednesday, says new economic incentives would...(complete article here).

I would rather see it in the hands of private industry.

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Anonymous said...

So would the military. They make clear that they want to buy power from private industry, not build it themselves. They might do some R&D.