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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is There a Phosphate Shortage??

This is the first that I've heard of a phosphate shortage. Any other information out there??

Farming Faces Phosphate Shortfall

By Mario Osava*

Global reserves of phosphorous, essential for agriculture, could run out in 60 to 100 years, warn experts.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct 15 (Tierramérica).- Scarcity of phosphate, an indispensable fertilizer for farming, is worrying soil experts, given the voracious plans of Brazil and many other countries in the race for biofuel leadership.

A salt of phosphoric acid salt, phosphate is a chemical compound made up of a central phosphorous atom and four oxygen atoms.Phosphorous is a "finite and irreplaceable" mineral, whose known reserves that are economically viable for exploitation could run out in 60 to 100 years if the current pace of global consumption...(complete article here).

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