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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Future of energy and the Environment Lecture Series

The Futures Studies program at the University of Houston is offering a closer look at the energy issue with its lecture series "The Future of Energy and the Environment." From the viability of energy alternatives to the reality of Peak Oil, how we power our lives defines our world. Understanding the changes in our energy present helps us be prepared for our energy future; environmentally, economically, politically, technologically and personally.

This Tuesday, October 16th, the futurist Gary Golden and Daniel Lerch from the Post Carbon Institute will be speaking on: “Hydrogen and the Dawn of Electron Energy” and “The Post Carbon City”. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you think would be interested in attending.

DATES: Every Tuesday through November 13th
TIME: 6pm to 7pm Central
Physical Attendees: Please come to room 101 of the Cameron Building at the corner of Wheeler and Cullen on the University of Houston campus Houston, TX 77006.
Virtual Attendees: There are two ways to access the lecture, online and by phone. If you attend online you will be able to view the slide presentation. There is no video.
Phone Instructions: To access via phone, call 646-367-1174 and enter user ID 75603105
Online Instructions: Please go to: http://uhlive.horizonwimba.com/launcher.cgi?room=_uh_s_113376351_665128 and choose "participant login." The only login information you will be asked for is a user name of your own choosing.

Depending on your system, you may be asked to run a set up wizard to ensure you're properly configured to hear the audio and see the slide presentation. You can run this wizard at any time before the lecture, as some people do run into problems, so we recommend running the wizard in advance of the lecture. If you do have challenges, please contact the support line in the following ways and, if asked, please tell your support technician that you are attending: '6 TECH 6397 - Future of Energy and the Environment' at the University of Houston.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: If you are in the States and like to do these things by phone, call the support line at: 866-350-4978If you are overseas or just like doing things by chat, you can log-on to:http://www.wimba.com/technicalsupport/


Oct 16 - Hydrogen and the Dawn of Electron energy with Will Thurmond with Futurist and President of Emerging Markets and Futurist Gary Golden
Oct 23: The Economics and Politics of Energy with Victor Flatt, A.L. O?Quinn Environmental Chair Environmental Law Center University of Houston
Oct 30: Energy Emissions and Greenhouse Gases with Jim Lester, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Houston Advanced Research Center
Nov 6: Climate Change and Global, Warming with Barry Lefer, Asst Professor Geosciences University of Houston
Nov 13: Slowing the Growth and Mitigating the Effects of Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change, with Brian Yeoman Clinton Climate Initiative

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