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Sunday, October 7, 2007

English Winter Fair Cancellation

This from BBC News:

Show cancelled over disease fears

An agricultural show in Stafford has been cancelled over concerns about foot-and-mouth disease and bluetongue.

The English Winter Fair, formerly the National Primestock Show, was going to be held on the weekend of 17 November.

Organisers have said they could not have done anything that may have put exhibitors at risk.

They said they would not have wanted exhibitors, particularly those with pedigree cattle, stranded at the show if the current situation had changed.

This cancellation gives a new slant to the disease fears facing the livestock sector. Would the National Western, or the Houston Livestock Show cancel for similar events in this country? Interesting.

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bigwhitehat said...

I think it sucks.

How does an Island nation have that much trouble with ag oriented disease?