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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hydrogen Fuel Storage Technologies

One of the critical issues of utilizing hydrogen as a fuel is storage. There is a lot of energy in hydrogen. Thus, it is a dangerous substance. New technologies are being explored to make it safer to utilize.

Hydrogen Storage Model Speeds Development Of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Science Daily — Researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have developed a model that could help engineers and scientists speed up the development of hydrogen-fueled vehicles by identifying promising hydrogen-storage materials and predicting favored thermodynamic chemical reactions through which hydrogen can be reversibly stored and extracted.

Because of global environmental changes associated with man-made carbon dioxide emissions and the limited resources of fossil fuels, developing alternate and renewable energy sources is important for a sustainable future. Hydrogen is a potential source of clean energy for future use in passenger vehicles powered by cheap and energy-efficient fuel cells, but its widespread adoption has been hindered by the need to store it on-board at very high densities.

A promising solution to this problem involves...(complete article here).

Use of hydrogen as a fuel is an area that I don't know much about. However, I will attempt to post a few entries within the next week or so that explore hydrogen as an alternative fuel. With the new hybrids on the market, I think we will see increasing interest in this particular area.

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