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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Contra-Opinion on Oil Prices

It's always good to note the contra-opinions. This one makes sense.

Slippery Slope

Daniel Fisher 11.12.07, 12:00 AM ET

Oil at $100 a barrel? No way, says one defiant expert. Expect $60 crude--soon.

War in Iraq, destabilization from Turkey, unquenchable thirst for energy in Asia, millions of fuel-slurping SUVs still cruising American highways. No wonder oil prices have jumped above $90 a barrel on the new York Mercantile Exchange, on their way to $100.

Not so fast. According to some longtime observers, we will soon see $60 oil. Their argument is that the main driver of price spikes is something hardly mentioned these days: a miscalculation by the world's most important supplier, Saudi Arabia. And within the next two...(complete article here).

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