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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blog Action Day for the Environment

October 15 is Blog Action Day for the Environment. There is a button with link in my sidebar. I would encourage everyone to join in this particular Action Day. Most of you who read this blog are very conservative. So am I. Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his fiction film on Global Warming doesn't sit too well with me. I think it devalues the Nobel. Although, I guess that Jimmy Carter receiving it some years back pretty much soured me on its value anyway.

On this Blog Action Day there will be thousands of posts by liberal environmental activists crying "doom and gloom" about the environment. We need to make certain that more conservative views are represented. Don't misunderstand me, I do believe that we need to care for the environment. Water, air and other pollution are health hazards. We are commanded by God to be good stewards of the resources that he places in our care -- which is the earth and all that is in it. However, stewardship implies Conservation -- not Preservation. There is a big difference.

Preservationists want to depopulate the earth. They also desire to see those few who are left living in a "natural" state -- being one with nature. It's interesting to me that the only ones they feel deserve to live on this planet are members of their small but very vocal clique. It is a very elitist position. If most of them were placed in nature without their gadgets and gizmos they would starve to death. Many of them are totally dependent on the technology that they condemn. Al Gore is a prime example. What would he do without his jet to travel around the world?

Conservationists on the other hand are focused on sustainability. It is a concept that makes sense. Conservation is caring for resources in a manner that will provide maximum benefit for now and future use. Conservationists are in favor of sustainable hunting and fishing. They believe in the utilization of natural resources such as land for farming and forests for lumber. The idea of conservation walks a fine line just short of Preservation. Conservationists wish to maintain bio-diversity. The demise of species is potentially detrimental to human populations. Therefore they are proponents of natural reservoirs to maintain viable populations of plants and animals. Their view is that such reservoirs provide a research laboratory that may yield future miracle drugs. They also understand the interlocking web of dependence between each and every plant and animal community. I consider myself to be in the Conservation camp -- sounds a lot like Conservative doesn't it?

We all should be sensitive to environmental issues. I'm sure that none of you would choose to live in a cesspool. That is why I believe it is important to get a Common Sense view posted on this Blog Action Day.

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