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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FAO and Bioenergy

The FAO is jumping on the Bioenergy bandwagon.

Bioenergy growth must be carefully managed

Global Bioenergy Partnership publishes report on bioenergy in G8 plus five countries

13 November 2007, Rome - Capturing the full potential of biofuels means overcoming environmental and social constraints and removing trade barriers, which are hindering the development of a worldwide market, according to a new report released by the Global Bioenergy Parnership (GBEP).

Potential conflicts between bioenergy production and the protection of the environment, sustainable development, food security of the rural poor and the economic development of countries supplying feedstock should be...(complete article here).

The article indicates the FAO sees 20% of world energy needs being supplied by bioenergy by 2030 and 30-40% by 2060. That will take a lot of acres -- a lot of biomass. I wonder what the consequence of continually removing that much biomass from the soil will do to sustainability?

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