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Friday, November 30, 2007

EU Energy Plan

You've got to have a plan if you want to get somewhere. It seems to me though that most plans are reactive - not innovative. They are politically sensitive and rooted in old thinking -- nothing that is truly new. I am craving something revolutionary in the way we approach energy production/use. It will come when the stakes are high enough.

Towards a low carbon future: European Strategic Energy Technology Plan

On 22 November, the European Commission will present the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) (see IP/07/1750). Low carbon technologies will play a vital role in reaching our energy and climate change targets. The main goal of the SET-Plan is to accelerate the development and implementation of these technologies. This background note sets out the details of the SET Plan. Its rationale accompanied by some useful background figures and charts is set out in MEMO/07/494.

Technology is vital for reaching energy and climate change objectives
The inter-related challenges of climate change, security of energy supply and competitiveness are multifaceted and require a coordinated response. We are piecing together a far-reaching jigsaw of policies and measures: binding targets for 2020 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by...(complete article

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