Going Green

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Changes in Cattle Feeding

The more that I visit with various individuals within the beef industry, the more I see how ethanol is disrupting their lives. Disruption is not always a bad thing -- it's how we react to the disruption that determines our success or failure. Opportunities in business come through turbulence in the marketplace.

There are places in the country where it is cheaper now to feed cattle in a feedlot than to graze them on pasture. The cost of gain is approximately the same on certain cattle when feeding them diets with high ethanol co-products content as it costs to pasture them. When you compare 3+ lbs/day gain on the feedlot ration versus 1.5 lbs/day on grass, it's a no-brainer. Why tie up your money for a longer period starting calves on grass when you can accomplish more in less time in a feedlot? The times, they are a changin'....

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