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Friday, November 9, 2007

Australian Drought

I don't totally buy into the Global Warming angle of this article, but the drought in Australia is bad. It is having a serious effect on world grain prices -- especially wheat.

Worst Drought in a Century Hurting Australian Farmers

Hope Hamashige
for National Geographic News

November 8, 2007

November on Rod Chalmers' farm in Wakool, Australia, shouldn't look like this.

It's springtime, and the wheat fields should be green and waist-high instead of mostly dead.

There are no sheep are in sight either. The animals were sold long ago, because there is no grass for them to graze on.

Chalmers is among many farmers whose crops are withering in an unusual spring heat, following one of the warmest and driest winters on record.

In the seventh year of a crippling drought, much of Australia is in an unprecedented water crisis. The Big Dry, as...(complete article here).

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