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Friday, November 30, 2007

China and the Environment

I've been saying from the day I started this blog that China is a serious environmental disaster in the process of happening. Forbes magazine agrees.

Global ETF Briefing

The Inconvenient Truth About China

Carl Delfeld, Chartwell ETF Advisor 10.12.07, 6:40 PM ET

Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Al Gore might want to change the name of his famous $40 million PowerPoint presentation to “The Inconvenient Truth About China.” While the media and policy establishment are preoccupied with global warming issues that may have important consequences in 50 years, an environmental disaster exists in China right now. This significant challenge, however, is also a major opportunity for the Chinese leadership and American business.

To get your attention, below is just a sampling of facts drawn from...(complete article here).

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