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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bolivia's Crisis

Evo Morales is taking his country down the socialist path to economic breakdown. It will only worsen the conditions in which Boliva's people -- some of the poorest in the world -- live.

Fueling Bolivia's crisis?

By Lola Almudevar
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

In the midday heat, truckers hang out of the windows of their trucks or sit slumped behind their wheels, waiting.

They may have to queue for hours to fill their tanks with diesel at this petrol station in the city of Santa Cruz, eastern Bolivia.

"Sometimes you get to the front of the queue and the diesel has already run out," says Agapito Serviche from his pick-up truck.

"The diesel does not last long enough for a day's work, so I have to stop working and come back to the queue just to put food on the table."

Blame game

Santa Cruz, which is home to large scale commercial agriculture, has been...(complete article

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