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Monday, July 21, 2008

Wind and Wildlife Research Projects

It is important to examine all of the implications of new technology on the environment. This important research will help to evaluate the impact of wind energy production on wildlife. Such impacts are also the subject of the Panhandle Wind and Wildlife Conference to be held August 8-9 in Amarillo, Texas.

Wind Power-Related Research Projects at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

Interest in electricity from wind energy has been growing internationally. Large “wind farms” have sprung up around the world, each consisting of scores of turbines standing several hundred feet high with blades at least 100 ft across. Wind energy is relatively inexpensive and clean, without the air pollution and green-house gases that are by-products of coal-burning power plants or the worry about where to dispose of nuclear wastes. This makes the production of electricity from wind attractive.

However, wind turbines can have adverse effects on wildlife. Some wind farms have...(complete article and related links here).

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