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Friday, July 25, 2008

Food vs. Fuel: The Battle Rages

The food versus fuel fight continues....

New U.S. group defends ethanol in food vs fuel fight

By Lisa Shumaker

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A new group is adding its voice to the debate on using crops to produce alternative fuels such as ethanol amid rising food prices and shortages in some countries.

The Alliance for Abundant Food and Energy in Washington D.C. was created by...(complete article here).

Notice who has joined this alliance. ADM -- one of the largest grain companies in the world. Dupont -- maker of farm chemicals. Deere & Co. -- who have experienced a boom in their farm equipment business since the advent of RFS and corn-based ethanol. Monsanto -- the GM seed giant. They really aren't interested in the cost of food -- just their bottom line.

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