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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cuban Economic Reform?

A communist dictatorship just doesn't work. Cuba has plenty of agricultural potential. They only utilize about 50% of their arable land and yet their people don't have enough to eat.

Cuba struggles for economic reform

By Claire Bolderson

BBC News, Havana

In a small flat in a leafy neighbourhood of Havana, Juan Jacomino points to the mismatched tiles on his living room floor.

He bought the first lot of tiles, then found he needed a few more but when he went back to the shop, they had disappeared.

That is common he says, particularly with imported goods.

"My advice is, if you something you need, or you think you might need one day, buy it!" says the translator and freelance journalist.

"Don't wait till tomorrow because when you come back it won't be there and you may never see it again."

Juan attributes the erratic supplies to the US sanctions in place for well over 40 years.

They certainly do affect imports but when it comes to other goods, particularly food, Cuba has...(complete article here).

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