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Friday, July 25, 2008

Maine Attacks the Chemical Industry

I am all for safe products but, a couple of thoughts here:
  • If Maine bans chemicals that other states don't or the EPA does not, will they just be reducing the number and variety of products available in Maine? Is the population of Maine large enough that manufacturers can justify major changes just to accomodate them?
  • Quality of life in the U.S. is largely the result of the abundance of products available to us. Those products seem to get better -- not worse. Certainly we learn from past experience -- such as removing lead from paint -- but, it sounds as if Maine is looking at a wholesale ban of large groups of products. Do they want a lower quality of life? Or, have they set their expectations on perfection? Are their citizens willing to pay for it?
  • Leave it to the EPA. If they have enough extra money in Maine to build their own version of the EPA, why don't they send it to Washington and make the existing one better?

U.S. state wages fight against toxic chemicals

By Mercedes Grandin

AUGUSTA, Maine (Reuters) - Hannah Pingree was so alarmed when she learned she had dangerously high levels of mercury, arsenic and other toxic chemicals in her body that she took her case to the Maine state legislature and challenged chemical makers.

As the majority leader of Maine's House of Representatives, she...(complete article here).

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