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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

US Air Force and Synthetic Fuels

Synthetic fuels: A national security issue?

Wild Green Yonder: Flying the Environmentally Friendly Skies on Alternative Fuels

From liquid coal to biofuels, military and commercial aviators are searching for domestically sourced, cost-effective and clean alternatives to petroleum-derived jet fuel

By David Biello

In December the U.S. Air Force flew a C-17 transport plane across the country powered in part by a new propellant: natural gas transmuted into a synthetic liquid fuel. Heat and catalysts converted methane into syngas (carbon monoxide and hydrogen) which were then transformed into liquid hydrocarbons (otherwise known as oil and its derivatives): petroleum, gasoline and, in the case of aviation, kerosene.

"Hitler flew Messerschmitts on it," says...(complete article here).

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