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Friday, January 18, 2008

The A-corn (Vitamin A Fortified)

For less developed areas of the world corn (or maize) is an important food. Boosting vitamin A may help alleviate some chronic health issues in those areas.

Scientists find way to increase corn's vitamin A

By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. scientists have developed a way to breed corn that can boost the vitamin A it gives people who eat it -- a potentially important advance for regions of the world burdened by vitamin A deficiencies.

Vitamin A deficiency is an important cause of eye disease and other health problems in developing countries.

Corn, also known as maize, is the dominant subsistence crop in much of Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, where up to 30 percent of children under age 5 are vitamin A deficient.

Scientists want to...(complete article here).


Anonymous said...
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bigwhitehat said...

Aint it cool!?

There are so many ways to contribute to the health and well being of less fortunate people that should get more of our attention.