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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Higher Gasoline Taxes Coming

Washington is talking a massive tax increase through gasoline. I guess you could class this with the "sin" taxes such as on alcohol and tobacco products. Ostensibly this tax is billed as necessary to fund improvements to our transportation infrastructure. I believe it is to curb demand for fuel. Either way, it takes our money and puts it into the ineffecient hands of the Federal Government if these recommendations are made law.

Highway Panel to Seek Higher Gas Tax

January 12, 2008

WASHINGTON -- A congressionally mandated commission will recommend broad upgrades to the nation's transportation infrastructure and a hefty increase in taxes, but divisions within the panel suggest it could take years to reach a consensus on the issue.

The National Surface Transportation Policy and...(complete article here).

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El-Visitador said...

The inane report from the WSJ left out a little detail:

The reason the "highway fund" does not have enough money to build new roads is because these taxes have been redirected to buses and rail projects since several years ago.