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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Columbian Agriculture

This is an interesting article on biofuels and agriculture in Colombia.

U.S. can learn from growth of biofuels in Latin America

Michael Rosen • Published 12/31/07

This last column of the year finds me in my bi-annual trek to Colombia, country where I first came to during 1972 to teach English as part of a college work/study program, followed by two years later, 1974, my first post-college job as a sales rep for Pfizer in Bogota.Colombia is, quite simply, an amazing country, which I have written about in past articles. With a population today of about 44.4 million people, ties for the 3rd highest population in Latin America after Brazil with 184 million, Mexico with 109 million, surpassing Argentina's 40 million people. Colombia, by the way, is just slightly less than twice the size of Texas (and twice the size of France), and can be reached by plane from Miami in 2-½ hours.

When you think of Colombia, what comes...(complete article here).

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