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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trees for Uganda

Let's hope the tree planting will also provide a few jobs...

Uganda plans to boost forest cover

By Tim Cocks
KAMPALA (Reuters) - Uganda will plant millions of trees in the next four years at a cost of $253 million, as it tries to restore dwindling forest cover to 30 percent of its area from 22 percent, the government said on Wednesday.

Like many African countries, Uganda suffers from rampant deforestation that dries up rivers, triggers soil erosion and threatens wildlife, especially birds and primates.

But officials in the east African country also want the massive tree planting exercise to...(complete article here).

I hope they plant a diverse mix of trees rather than selecting one or two species and only planting them. An approach that approximates the normal species mix of the surrounding wild forest would be best for wildlife.

I also am not a big fan of "carbon offset credits." Plant the trees because of the benefits to your country, not as an international bargaining chip -- although you can't blame them for trying to get all they can out of the initiative.

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