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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fishing International waters will always be difficult to regulate. Some type of "carrot and stick" program might have a positive impact. The "stick" must be in the hands of enforcement agencies that have power to act and the "carrot" should be a universal form of incentive such as non-taxable fuel or access to certain markets in exchange for compliance. I am not a proponent of a "one-world" government, however, I do believe this is an area in which governments must work together.

EU has no idea how much fish it catches: watchdog

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union has no real idea of how many fish its national fleets catch each year and is failing to clamp down hard on vessels that exceed national quotas, the EU financial watchdog said on Tuesday.

The Court of Auditors said unreliable data on catches, weak inspections with no proper deterrent, as well as general fleet overcapacity were threatening fish stocks. For many species including cod, stocks had been hard hit by years of heavy exploitation.

"Catch data are neither complete nor...(complete article here).

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