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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Carbon-Viral Connection

This amazing planet we live on is equipped with marvelous systems for maintaining itself. We are only beginning the process of understanding how it all works. How can we be so arrogant as to believe that our puny efforts affect "climate change" in any meaningful way?

Viruses are hidden drivers of ocean's nutrient cycle

PARIS (AFP) - Scientists on Wednesday said they had discovered deep-sea viruses to be an unexpectedly potent driver of the so-called carbon cycle that sustains oceanic life and helps dampen global warming.

Under the carbon cycle, microscopic algae at the sea surface suck up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Many of these microscopic creatures, called prokaryotes, become infected by naturally-occurring marine viruses.

When they die, their...(complete article here).


Mark43 said...

I have a feeling we should tell Al Gore this. Then he can mount a campaign against the Mr. Hyde virus. Thank God we have Al Gore on our side! If we didn't we would all be dead right now!

Mark43 said...

That is after he catches Manbearpig.