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Monday, August 18, 2008

Brazil: The Next Breadbasket of the World

Brazil is quickly becoming the new breadbasket of the world. There are struggles though. Besides the internal political battles and the normal battle with the environment, Brazilian farmers often must also battle the world's environmentalists.

The Amazon basin and accompanying jungle are important reservoirs of biological diversity. Care must be used to retain that diverse environment. Many important drugs will be derived from the plants there. We also must consider the potential food plants that have fed the native populations for centuries.

Growth of the farming sector must consider the value of the native flora and fauna. It will be interesting to watch them "walk the tightrope" of development.

As the article mentions, one of their more daunting problems is developing infrastructure at a pace that will meet the needs of development.

Brazil's farms see quiet revolution

By Gary Duffy BBC News,
Sao Paulo

On the family farm run by Joao Baggio Neto in the southern Brazilian state of Parana, you get some sense of the determination and competitive spirit that motivates Brazil's farmers.

Blessed with what often seems like endless amounts of land and a good climate, Brazil has grown in recent years to become an agricultural superpower.

Joao Baggio says the most important improvement in his part of the country in the past decade has been the increase in productivity.

"We came from a...(complete article here).

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