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Monday, March 10, 2008

Texas Panhandle Ethanol Plants

Since I am frequently in Hereford, I have watched both the White Energy and Panda plants through the construction phase. What I find most interesting is that the White Energy plant seems to be a stream-lined, no-frills operation that is designed for efficiency. Although I don't know much about either plant, it appears that the Panda plant is a little more elaborate. They also seem to have experienced some major construction delays. I am amazed at how much electricity they must be consuming because at night it is lit up like an electrical power plant. I admit that I don't know much about their business, but from appearances alone, I would say the White Energy plant will make money when others, such as their neighbor down the road, will not.

Texas poised to become regional hub for ethanol

Panhandle alone will have four big plants soon

Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

HEREFORD — Texas may be a latecomer to the ethanol business, but it is about to announce its arrival in a big way.

At a ceremony today in this small town near Amarillo, where cattle far outnumber residents and the brown, flat land extends forever in all directions, a Dallas company will formally open the state's first large-scale ethanol plant. It is one of the nation's biggest.

Yet it won't have bragging rights long. Three more major...(complete article here).

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