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Monday, March 17, 2008

Holistic Land Management

Population pressures and urban sprawl as well as environmental issues are creating an environment in which a much broader range of factors must be considered when evaluating land use. This applies not only to agricultural use but to other uses as well. Developing a sense of the overall impact of any use and determining ways to mitigate any potentially negative impacts will become increasingly important as we move forward.

Holistic Approach to Land Management Benefits Society and the Environment

Media Contact: Jennifer Martin, CSREES Staff (202) 720-8188
By Stacy Kish, CSREES Staff

March 17, 2008

Nature is dynamic and complex, and the intrusion of human society makes this complex web of interactions even more difficult to understand and manage. The BEHAVE program (Behavioral Education for Human, Animal, Vegetation and Ecosystem Management) breaks down the walls between society and the environment and, in the process, allows land managers to develop more effective management plans to benefit human society and the environment.

The goal of BEHAVE is to...(complete article here).

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