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Monday, February 4, 2008

What is Killing Camping and Fishing?

I don't totally agree that 'videophilia' is the culprit in the declining contacts with nature. I believe there are other contibuting issues as well, such as workaholism, generational drift away from occupations that are in contact with nature, over-utilization (crowding) of existing parks and facilities (thus making it more difficult to schedule), absorption with sports leagues and associated activities, growth and number of theme parks, and probably many other things as well. Kids wouldn't be stuck in front of video games if their parents didn't allow it.

'Videophilia' is killing outdoors life, study says

Activities have declined by 18-25 percent since 1980s, experts found

WASHINGTON - As people spend more time communing with their televisions and computers, the impact is not just on their health, researchers say. Less time spent outdoors means less contact with nature and, eventually, less interest in conservation and parks.

Camping, fishing and per capita visits to...(complete article here).

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Sue said...

Thanks for the link to the article. I saw the report on the news last night, don't even remember which network now. One of the talking heads made the statement that if outdoor recreation use had kept pace with population growth we would have 80 million additional visits. My first thought would be -- what kind of effect on the resources would an additional 80 million vists have? Would there be anything left worth visiting?