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Friday, February 1, 2008

Farm Bill Funding Politics

How do you fund all of the conservation and energy provisions in the new Farm Bill? Cut the part out that actually goes to farmers.

Bush Digs In On Farm Bill Funds As Harkin Urges A Deal

National Journal's CongressDaily
January 31, 2008
By Jerry Hagstrom

Senate Agriculture Chairman Harkin said today if the administration does not agree soon to revenue raisers to increase farm bill spending above the current baseline, Congress might have to pass the bill with the expectation that President Bush will veto it. "If an overwhelming majority of the Congress says close some loopholes to get us some funding, the president is going to have to bend on that or I guess we are headed for a veto," Harkin said. Noting that 79 senators voted for the Senate version in December, Harkin said a veto override is probable if the final version looks like the Senate bill.

Harkin noted that...(complete article here).

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