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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sue Until You Win -- The Radical Agenda

From the Center for Individual Freedom:

Environmentalists Ask Supreme Court to Impose Kyoto Agenda: Lawsuit Would Regulate what You Exhale

Environmentalists, repeatedly rejected by the democratic process and unable to pass the Kyoto Protocol or their radical agenda, are doing what liberals invariably do when defeated in the marketplace of ideas: turning to the courts.

On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed to review Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency, in which environmental lobbies and twelve activist states petition the Court to label everyday carbon dioxide a "pollutant" and compel the EPA to regulate it.

That's right – (complete story here).

The document linked here leads to a DOE website linking to summaries of the potential impact of the Kyoto Protocol on the United States. Wading through the "gobbledegook" is daunting but it boils down to a several hundred billion dollar impact on our economy in just the first 3 years -- and that was prior to the spike in oil prices over the last few years. Interestingly, the Protocol will expire in 2011 and discussions at the U.N. this week were the prelude to the next round of protocols.

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