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Friday, September 28, 2007

New FAO Website

New FAO website for sustainable agriculture...

Launch of an interactive web-based platform in support of agriculture and rural development

“e-agriculture is a truly demand-driven platform,” according to FAO’s Anton Mangstl

28 September 2007, Rome – The UN Food and Agriculture Organization today announced the launch of a unique interactive web-based platform focusing on the role that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can have in supporting agriculture and rural development.

The online platform, www.e-agriculture.org, will enable users to exchange opinions, experiences, good practices and resources related to e-agriculture, and to ensure that the knowledge created is effectively shared and used worldwide.

Developed by global stakeholders in collaboration with FAO and partners, the platform is part of an e-agriculture Community of Expertise, a global initiative to...(complete story here).

I will be anxious to see how this site evolves. I have registered on the site. There are very few signed up yet.

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roxsen said...

As the co-author of SPIN-Farming, I can attest to the effectiveness of web-based learning. Our online self-directed learning guides on sub-acre farming have so far been purchased by over 650 aspiring farmers from around the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia. We are now receiving progress reports from those who are SPIN-Farming in their back yards in cities, their front lawns in the suburbs and on larger acreages in the country. Our non-technical, easy-to-learn and inexpensive-to-implement system, coupled with the 24/7 accessibility of the web, is putting farming as a profession within reach of many more people.