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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Better Air and Consistent Growth Through Partnership

Texas often gets a bad rap from other parts of the nation due to the stereotypical image of oil-guzzling rednecks that is often associated with the state. In reality, Texas is leading the nation in development of alternative energy technology and in reducing pollutants in our atmosphere. The free-enterprise, private-initiative attitude of the state in which private industry and government entities can partner to achieve common goals is a model that should be emulated by the rest of the nation. Cooperative efforts, rather than burdensome regulation, are key to the successes.

As North Texas grows, air becomes cleaner

Release date: 10/28/2008
Contact Information: Dave Bary or Tressa Tillman at 214-665-2200 or

(Dallas, Texas – October 28, 2008) As the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s economy has grown to one of the nation’s most vibrant, its citizens have also enjoyed improvements in air quality. This summer saw the lowest levels of ozone in three decades, thanks to a campaign to reduce air pollution led by the...(complete news release here).

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