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Friday, May 2, 2008

Texas RRC Chairman on Global Warming

Texas Railroad Commission Chairman, Michael Williams, weighs in on Global Warming in the article below. It is a very interesting perspective....check out his blog here.

Global Warming Part I

May 2, 2008

Climate change is always happening. The earth’s temperature over time gets warmer, then cooler, and then warmer again. Now we’re likely in a warming trend which is a far cry from accepting that human activity is primarily responsible for such catastrophic future consequences as rising sea levels, food shortages, malaria and hurricanes.

That explains why there were several hundred Texas lawyers, bankers and other big company execs huddled together making plans for...(complete article here).


TXsharon said...

Williams proves again that he is clueless.

JohnTTU32 said...

Makes sense to me. Follow the money...