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Monday, September 8, 2008

5 Farming Improvements to Save Money and the Planet

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5 Farming Improvements to Save Money and the Planet

The notion of going green is nothing new, but hasn’t farming always been a green industry? Most would think so, but sometimes farming and ranching can have dangerous environmental impacts. However, many new and exciting technologies have been developed over the last several years that are becoming more mainstream and feasible to incorporate into farming. What follows is a list of some farming improvements that can help you ultimately save money and the planet at the same time.

Produce and use biodiesel. Biodiesel is no longer a pipe dream; it is rapidly becoming big business. Converters for trucks and farming machines are cheap and easy to install—and can practically cut your fuel cost in half. Producing and refining your own is also worth looking into, and helps minimize waste in the process, all while reducing dependence on foreign oil.

Harness the power of the wind. Look into installing a turbine or two on your property. Certainly, these are expensive items, but their value over time will certainly make the risk worth the return. Federal grants are also available, and tax credits are given once the implement is installed. You can also sell your extra energy to power companies and create some extra revenue.

Install solar panels. Some areas of the country are far sunnier than others. Installing solar panels on outbuildings and barns can help to make those units self-sustaining when it comes to power issues, and can be a great way to minimize our use of traditional power.

Switch to organics. The market for all things organic is bursting at the seams, and the commodities sell at a higher price. Look into certifying your farm, for there are many benefits. Dangerous fertilizers and pesticides would be eliminated from your immediate environment, which would help the health of you, your family, and Mother Earth.

Sell off surpluses for ethanol. There is actually a current trend of saturation and overproduction because of ethanol, so this may not be feasible in all areas of the country. However, rather than just letting surpluses go to waste, getting something for your hard work is preferable to nothing at all.


Andy said...

The good thing about most of these improvements the increase in grants and other forms of assistance through conservation groups, such as Resource Conservation and Development councils.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it is true that new technologies are becoming more feasible to incorporate into farming but only in the developed countries. In most part of the world farming is done by extremely poor people where it is still impossible to think about these things.